Motions to Reopen or Reconsider

Motions to Reopen or ReconsiderThere are times when an appeal is either not available (due to time and numerical limitations), or has been denied. Motions to Reopen and/or Reconsider can oftentimes be utilized as the last chance to save a person’s case from being denied and that person potentially being deported. These are the legal tools we can use to try to save a person from the worst case scenario. They are usually utilized when circumstances have changed that provide a person with an opportunity to reopen a case. These motions are also used to correct legal errors affecting the outcome of the case.

Motions to Reopen or Reconsider are oftentimes time and number barred. That means you can only file a limited number of these motions within strict time limits.

Our expertise can ensure that these tools will be used appropriately in your case in order to avoid deportation or denial of your case.