Order of Supervision (“OSUP”)

We represent clients that are under an Order of Supervision, also known as “OSUP.” OSUP is a type of release method that is an alternative to being detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”). Generally, individuals are placed under the program because they already hold an order of removal. Individuals that are waiting for a removal hearing may also qualify for OSUP.

OSUP is directly managed and monitored by ICE officers and the process is completely discretionary. Participants are subject to certain restrictions and are ordered to report periodically to certain ICE facilities depending on their residence. Being under the program is not a guarantee to remain in the country and does not give you status; however, it provides you with an alternative to detention while you pursue new relief that may not have been available to you in the past. One of the greatest benefits of the program, is the fact that compliant individuals are eligible to receive Employment Authorization documentation.

We have successfully represented various clients under OSUP across the country. The Joli Law Firm can assist in representing you under the program and can help you find other means to pursue relief in your particular circumstance.