WaiversThere are many different types of waivers in the immigration arena. Some may be necessary to waive illegal presence bars, others may be necessary to keep your legal status in the event you have certain criminal convictions which render you removable or deportable. Whatever the case might be, it is a complex area of the law which takes into account various factors such as length of your residence in the U.S., family ties, employment, good moral character, severity of prior criminal violations, hardship to family members, to name a few. Some waivers are submitted to Immigration Court, others to the USCIS.

If you are told, either by an Immigration Judge or the USCIS, that you need a waiver in order to obtain a particular immigration benefit or form of relief, you need to seek legal counsel immediately.

Preparing a waiver and complying with all the requirements is a very time consuming and technical process. We have vast experience in preparing waivers for our clients and getting successful outcomes.